Friday, 31 January 2014

Highlights of First Month of 2014 for UNO __ Part II

Continuing from where I ended. In the previous part the UNO’s progress upon peace and security, women and children and economic development were discussed. In this part culture and education, environment and shelter, humanitarian aid and refugees, human rights and updates on crime, laws and prevention of these crimes are discussed.
In the month of January, UN agencies urged to stop killing various journalists in various countries. During this month three journalists were murdered in separate attacks that took place in Southern Philippine. 6 journalists were murdered in two attacks in Iraq and Zakir Ali was murdered in Pakistan in the region of Sindh.
Due to South Sudan unrest, several children from primary schools failed to take their final exams. This month, hundreds of students were assisted by UN to give final exams in South Sudan and complete their primary education. However, according to one UN report, 125 million children around the world could not read a single sentence even after four years of attending education which is wastage of UN grants amounting to $129 billion a year. UN urged Government to employee best teachers to achieve universal education goals.
This month UN raised to bring awareness on science of crystallography, revealing the structure of DNA, fabricating computer memories and designing new and more potent drugs. Moreover, a week before opening of Winter Olympics in Russia UN stressed upon ceasing hostilities ahead of the game.
UN put its best efforts to stem climate change and pointed two special envoys to mobilize political will and action a head of 2014 climate summit. UN declared 3rd March to be “World Wild Life Day”.  Mountainous regions are considered as the source of benefit. Hence, UN urged to derive all possible benefits to bring sustainable development.
UNEP applauded China to be the first republic to crack down the stockpiling of ivory and its illegal trade reporting six tons of ivory being destroyed by the Government. Moreover, UN encouraged enhancing green economic growth to develop low carbon economy as part of post 2015 agenda.
According to UN report the demand for new land to grow food in Brazil is increasing day by day and if this demand will continue at the current rate it will result in vital forest, savannahs and grass land lost in Brazil by 2050.
Now let’s discuss UN humanitarian aids and refugees. According to the UN report only 6% of $247 million have been funded by donors to develop rehabilitation for Car victims which will work for the next 100 days only. 900,000 people have so far been victimized in CAR. Also, UN called for reestablishment of roads in Car to allow access to food supply to the victims.
 UN further reported hindrance in rehabilitation work in Syria and Palestine by desperate rebellions. UN announced 486 million humanitarian aids for neglected crisis in 10 countries. Moreover, UN set new camps for refugees in South Sudan extending the influx in the neighboring countries like Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya.
UN human rights and humanitarian chief took notice of the alarming situation of violence prevailing in Myanmar’s Rakhine state where 110,000 people have been uprooted in Buddhist- Muslim attacks in 18 months.   Moreover, clashes in Iraq uprooted 140,000 people in Anbar province. UNHCR reported 6000 people fled to Niger and Cameroon from North Nigeria as a result of bombing in villages leaving 2 villages in smoke.
UN delivered aid to Libyans in the form of medicine and food and urged to put an end to violence. Despite peace advancement in Congo, 3million of displaced people still need aid, as mentioned in a UN report. One milestone achieved in Somalia is that UN updated the guidelines on the rehabilitation of people fleeing from South and Central Somalia.
UN human rights experts urged Qatar to bring reforms to its justice system. Rwandan Government is encouraged by UN to uplift restrictions on freedom of peace assembly and association to move towards economic development after 1994 genocide. Furthermore, UN expressed its hopes to ensure democratic transition in Tunisia peacefully.
UN agencies are working fast this year with Government and partners to combat human trafficking, kidnapping and smuggling. UNODC reported Myanmar as Golden Triangle are for opium poppy cultivation for seventh consecutive years.
This month Security Council extended its mandate and terms of judges serving on UN tribunal set up that has been dealing with worst atrocities committed during Balkan conflicts of 1990s. UN congratulated new prime minister of Somalia and showed hopes of betterment in the country’s situation by 2014.
General Secretary congratulated UN backed Special Court for Sierra Leone for coming up with important achievements by 2013 and ensuring accountability for crimes committed during civil war. UN launched a campaign to spotlight links between organized crimes and counterfeit goods which amounted to $250 billion a year.  UNCC panel paid $1.03 billion to Government of Kuwait as a settlement of loss suffered by Kuwait due to Iraq’s invasion in 1990.

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