Thursday, 30 January 2014

Highlights of First Month of 2014 for UNO__ Part I

Looking forward to achieve post 2015 agenda of millennium development goals, UNO has made certain progress in the month of January. However, certain issues remained hurdle to accomplish milestones of the month. Here are the highlights of various broad and global level topic areas which remained prominent in UNO during the opening month of 2014. The part I of this article is going to high light only affairs related to peace and security, matter of women and children and global economic development.
UN encouraged signing of agreement to put an end to fights in South Sudan. Two planes chartered by UNICEF arrived at Juba, the capital city of South Sudan to provide supply of food and medicines to the women and children across the crisis stricken areas.
Philippine Government and Moro Islamic Liberation Forum (MILF) signed final security agreement for comprehensive peace accord on Island of Mindanao which is applauded by UN. Drawing further attention to this country, UN called for donors to donate $38 million to provide alternate livelihood to coconut farmers who were affected in Typhoon Haiyan.
Syrian Government permitted women and children in besieged Syrian city of Homs to leave immediately as confirmed during the negotiations that took place between Syrian officials, Joint Special Representatives of Un and Arab League held at Geneva. Before that, peace talks occurred in Switzerland on Syrian issue in which senior UN humanitarian officials joined international aid organization to call protection of Syrian children.  UN and its humanitarian partners appealed for $1 billion to save Syrian Children from becoming “lost generation” due to the civil war in Syria. In past 3 years 11,000 children have been killed and thousands of them fled from their homes. Furthermore, UN sponsored conference declared that the voice of the women would be important in resolving civil war that is tearing the country apart.
New constitution was adopted by Tunisia’s democratic transition, which was welcomed by UN Secretary General.
New transition Government was applauded by Ban ki Moon in Central African Republic (CAR). Whereas, the attacks against children in CAR were condemned by UN children agency declaring that 2 children had been beheaded and of them one is mutilated. According to one report brutality in CAR has reached unprecedented level. Youngsters are maimed, killed and beheaded and amid rampant sexual violence. UNO urged world community to use all possible tools to stop this violence. Moreover, UNO further reported that more than 6000 child soldiers are involved in Car as fighting pits community and are contributing towards sectarian conflicts in the region.  
A new legal document has been designed by UN allowing Children to register their complaints with Un committee which will be effective by April 2014. CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) declared its 2nd Summit as: a) peace and security, b) sustainable development c) human rights.
UN showed its hopes for global economy to improve in next two years but stressed upon stronger international policy coordination specially geo-politics to ensure financial stability. The month remained fruitful for Asia Pacific as 36 Asian Pacific nations unanimously adopted a landmark declaration at UN forum of ministers in Thailand for regional and economic development. However, UN foretasted that Asian pacific regions will face slow economic growth in 2014 due to policy uncertainty, gradual recovery and protectionism in developed countries, as over the past 3 years the economy in these regions grew at the rate of less than 3%.
Due to protests in Cambodia various Garment factories were shut down. UN labor agency was called to put an end to violence and property destruction and encourage them to open the factories again. Moreover, Roit police have been deployed in Cambodia to break anti-Government labor protesting groups.
UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon and General Assembly called a bloc of developing countries known as “group of 77 and China” to work with collaboration to achieve anti-poverty targets of Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

 UN also declared that the employment is not sufficient to keep pace with the labor force. Job friendly macro-economic policies and greater labor markets and social policies are needed, as suggested by UN labor agency. UN reported FDI to raise to 11% I 2013 which is a new record after 2008 crisis, with $1.46 trillion of the lion share going to the developing countries. To control wealth disparity in the world, UNDP called for a shift to a more inclusive pattern focusing on redistribution policies and change in social norms. UN atomic watch dogs declared Iran’s nuclear program to be of peaceful nature. 

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