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25 Ways Of Corporate Social Responsibilty

Corporate social responsibility is an  emerging concept  in the corporate world .The concept  has transferred  from developed countries to developing countries  and under developed countries .However this concept has not fully matured  in industries of Pakistan .As we see that the industries from corporate sector  of European and American States are now doing no business without CSR ,but as in Pakistan  the concept of CSR  is more popular in among Blue chip companies. There might be various reasons behind this such as the companies having better financial health spend more on CSR as they have more cash reserves.

    The concept can also be taken as the companies who do more CSR shall have higher financial performance .This can also be interpreted as the companied who do CSR get famous among the people and people prefer to buy more of their products or avail more of their services and hence they  become financial  stronger and stronger. 
Here are 25 great ways by which companies can do CSR.

1-Welfare for Special People: This includes any welfare work for those who are mentally or physically disable. This might include education for special children, special youngsters, old age houses and day care center, health and medical facilities etc.
2-Community Development: By community development we means development of colonies for employees with facilities for their children such as schools, colleges etc along with medical complex, market for purchase of basic needs etc.
3-Sports Infrastructure: This includes sports complex construction, facility of training to youngsters for applying in national and international teams, sponsorship of players, grooming of players, funds and finances to sports industries.

4-Youth Empowerment: The youth of Pakistan is enthusiastic and energetic they only need opportunities to avail the companies can provide youth with various forums, platforms, scholarship programs and project funding scheme.
5-Conservation of natural resources: Natural resources are limited and are precious so they should not be wasted the companies can con tribute towards society by saving their resources and using them carefully.
6-Awareness campaigns: The Company may contribute towards society by raising various campaigns such as AIDS, Cancer, Thalesemia, Dengue programs, women right, children and labor right campaigns etc.
7-Health care: The companies doing CSR not only provide medical facilities to their employees but also spend part of their income for financing expensive treatment e.g. cancer, AIDs, kidney transplant, etc.
8-Recyclying: It is responsibility for every company to dump their waste, material in a proper way. More over these companies should recycle their recyclables products by following most environment friendly manner.

9-Relief campaigns: Every country faces natural disasters in one way or other sometimes they are in the form of earthquake and sometimes as tsunami, floods etc. The society responsible companies provide relief to the affective people and help the people by funds donation and other volunteer services.
10-Image of Pakistan: As we know that there are various misconception about Pakistan on international level. So the companies should put efforts to improve image of Pakistan.
11-Sectarian sector opportunities: It is responsibility of companies socially, morally and ethically to remove sectarian difference at work place and provide jobs without discrimination of sects, provinces, class, creed, social background etc.
12-Energy Conservation: The companies just like natural resources, utilize energy as per requirement and safe the energy from wastage.
13-Rural development: The companies must focus on development of rural areas by establishing schools, colleges, better residential structure, infrastructure along with improvement in means of faring, hauling etc.
14-Equal Opportunity: The companies should have equal opportunity plan of employment, which means the company should give equal opportunities to both female and make in salaries, work, leaves, promotion, parties, benefits etc.
15- Women Empowerment: The companies can play important role in empowering women in society and helping them to get rid of waani, karokari, burning, servile marriages and violence.
16- Green house: The companies should focus on enhancing greenery as by the establishment of industries the environment is getting more and more polluted. So by planting more trees, the environment can be made healthier to breathe easily. It must be obligatory for tobacco, chemical, paper, cement, petroleum etc industries for planting as much trees as they can.
17-Sponsoring NGOs: As non-profit and non-government organizations remain active and pro-active in social welfare, the companies may do CSR by sponsoring and funding programs of NGOs.
18-Charity: The companies can contribute a portion of their income for donations and charities for the welfare of mankind. They may give such donations and funds to charity finds or institutions. 
19-Wild Life: Due to toxicants of products and pollution the wild life is extincting the companies may join hands with organization that WWF to save wild life species and support them to bring up existing species with care, so that they may continue their generation.
20-Culture: The companies may do CSR by promoting culture, values, traditions, norms, customs and rituals of a country. They may promote culture by cultural promotion campaigns, arranging seminars on cultural importance, showing cultural photographs on their calendars and annual reports etc.     
21-Environment Protection: The companies may help in overall protection of the environment. The companies may set programs and schemes such as National Environment day, Cleaning Campaigns in schools and colleges and above all following environmental laws.

22-Infrastructure: Normally the factories are established in the areas away from cities. The company can do CSR by developing infrastructure in the nearby industries.
23-Education: One of the most important CSR a company can do is financing needy children for education. The companies can also take part in the establishment of schools, colleges, universities, diploma and training institutes etc. Along with this they may offer some scholarship programs for those youngsters who want to go to study abroad.
24-Employee safety: It is very important for organizations to ensure safety of employees and their first aid. In factories specially those dealing in chemicals or any manufacturing procedure it is necessary that employees should be safe.

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