Sunday, 21 June 2015


There have been various  social media campaigns raised these days with the hash tag #stopyulin,
so I thought  to share the back ground and philosophy behind Yulin.  In actual Yulin  is a city  of China which is located in southern  region.  The literal meaning  of Yulin is Jade Forest.

The Southern  region of China has been celebrating  cats and dogs meat festivals since 1990. From
past few years this festival had taken attention  of various  pets rights activists  who believe that
slaughtering  pets is illegal.  In 2013 the campaign  highlighted  the event in such a negative manner that the local Government even refused that such event ever existed.

The worst part is that every year in summers the residents of Yulin slaughter,  steel, torture and eat
over 10,000 dogs. They boil them alive, rip their skin off, put them in small cages, beat them, provide them with electrical  shocks  and hook their heads and bodies as a display.

The philosophy  behind torturing  the dogs is that if they are given physical  pain before slaughtering, the meat would become even tastier due to discharge  of adrenaline hormones.  Several  petitions
have been written to request the local Government  of Yulin to put an end to this cruel and inhumane