Monday, 28 October 2013


When you welcome a new employee, you have the opportunity to build up your relationship, and the new employee's relationship with your company, in a powerfully positive way which may lead to number of advantages out of which. job satisfaction is the most important. But, to do this effectively requires an investment of your time by management.
Once you have invested the time for one employee, however, it will provide you long term return as it is a durable investment. Your management philosophy and approach to on-boarding a new employee are unlikely to radically change.
Though the investment on the front end is time consuming and demands efforts as well but it's worth every minute. Here are few recommendations:
  • Develop a 90-120 day on-boarding plan that introduces the new employee to a nature of their work, company, customers, or culture every day.
  • Provide him  with a booklet containing codes of conduct and also give him access to ask questions if any confusion arises in understanding such rules.
  • Recruit an employee mentor for the new employee.The mentor should be  person who has common interests as that of employee's, so that the new employee may feel himself comfortable.
  • Develop a new employee welcome letter that imparts your philosophy and expectations so that the new employee knows what to expect on arrival. The welcome letter will help to make employee feel that from now on he/she is a part of your system.
  • Prepare and distribute a new employee announcement that tells coworkers enough about the new employee so that they are intrigued and interested to meet him or her.
  • Make sure your company's HR department sends paperwork, network access, and so forth in advance of the employee's start date.
  •  Make sure that the company orientation occurs quickly after the new employee starts.
  • In first two months of the job, rotate employee to various divisions and appoint a person who gives over view to the employee about the departments.
  • On day of orientation, don't forget to hand them over some company's gift hampers as souvenirs
  • Though, these things are very minor but they impart a lot in the long term and helps to reduce turn over in companies and develop healthy relationship of the employees with their peers as well as top management.

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