Sunday, 22 September 2013


Too busy getting good grades? Wishing to have a bright future? Want job with good salary? Want your spouse, kids and boss to be happy at a same time? Watch out!! There is someone else who waited for so long to see you growing up and getting successful in life. Yes!!!  OUR PARENTS.
By the time we get busy growing young, many of us do not realize that at the same time our parents are getting old as well. Now this is our time to pay back for what they've done for us. Here are few things that we can practice in order to make them enjoy their old age.

·         Talk to them:
Try to spare few hours for them every day and carry a healthy discussion with them on the topic of their interest or tell them about something new going on around the world. If there is nothing else, discuss weather or share good old memories.

·         Listen to them:
When parents grow old, they need someone to listen to them. So make it a routine to sit with them and listen what they want to share. They might tell you stories of their past, or some problem they are facing these days. They might discuss any health issue with you too. If you will listen to them carefully, trust me, they will never get the feeling of loneliness.

 Surprise dinners:
Do you remember those days when your mother used to cook your favorite dish? Or your dad used to bring your favorite juice? Of course we all remember that. But how about reversing this idea? Living in same home, invite your parents to dinner. You may plan the dinner outside or cook it at home and serve them in a special way. This activity must be done at least once in a month. This will make them feel relaxed from their routine stressed out thoughts and give them a change.
·         Celebrate their Birthdays:
Go and see photographs of your first birthday. Your parents would have planned it by decorating whole house with Barbie theme or a Sailor theme. Pink or blue tapestries, cake with a Barbie’s wand or a Ship wheel, and you must have worn a pink frock or sailor’s clothes. Now its time to make them feel special. Plan their birthdays.  Decorate a portion of house for them. Make floral d├ęcor. Handmade cards induce more love along with their favorite flavored cake.
·         Celebrating other occasions:
Celebrate small occasions. This will not only please them but it will also develop a strong bond between you and your parents. Celebrate mother’s day, father’s day, family day, plan family holidays. Celebrate their recovery from illness as well. Now how you celebrate depends on how much you love them.
·         Presents:
Giving presents is a symbol of love and care. Do not wait for occasions to come to give presents to your parents. Plan it by saving money. You don’t even need to wrap it every time. Getting them shawls, sweaters, bags, wallets and even soothing lotions and massage creams for their feet will make them feel happy.
·         Facial and feet care:
This is something very important. Give your mother facial treatment and give Pedi-cure to both mom and dad. This will relax them. You don’t even need to take them to saloons. Do it by yourself.
·         Fresh food:
Serve them fresh juice and fruits at least one time a day. This is necessary for their health. Try to blend juice at home out of fruits. It would be more nutritious for them.
·         Plan Trips:
One day trips or family holiday of 3-4 days would also help them feel better. Your parents will feel fresher, physically and mentally by spending some time out of house, laughing with you and having fun.
Most of all:
Last but not least, never ever let your children avoid your parents. Remember! Your parents are your children's grand parents. Its in your duty to make them behave in a respectful manner with your parents. Encourage your children to great parents every morning, talk to them and play board games with them.

 These are very basic practices adding which will make your parents satisfied and relaxed. This will help them enjoy their old age. Such little things will also develop a strong bond of yours with your parents. So gear up!!! Its time to bring change in your parent’s life.

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